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Gone are the days you can post a job listing and receive dozens of eligible candidates. Now is the time for a clear narrative and outlining a career and a future.  As business owners we must provide a WHY and a clear mission, not just work and a paycheck.

The "Get 'R Done" Toolbox provides clear job ads and a working narrative to attract a multi-generational workforce, helping you to attract the power-house team you need.


Hiring an individual for a job is so much more than a job description and a time-card to punch.  Discover how to on-board new team members with empowerment, clear expectations and a roadmap for success.  Long-term employee retention starts with the onboarding process.  The "Get 'R Done" Toolbox provides unique checklists, agreements and performance trackers that set the employer and the employee up to win.

Sometimes to get ahead, a business doesn't require new employees, but rather to learn how to leverage and retain the talent it already has.  This toolbox provides best practices for building up skilled laborers and leaders.  You will gain keys to communication that will empower you to retain your top talent and raise up others in rank.

Your employees are your business' top asset.  Now is the time to further invest in your team and prevent your top performers from burnout, instead set them up for greater gains!

Please note, that this HR Toolbox focuses on communications and process - it does NOT address compliance or safety issues.

A Simple Actionable

Toolbox To Help You

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Stop wasting energy on the hiring process that doesn't get you the results you want.
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Stop begging and striving to get people to work for you.
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Stop allowing unemployment racketeers to waste your time.
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Stop hiring disinterested candidates who no-show.

What is your commitment to your customers?

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Hire qualified and committed talent.
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Build effective referral programs.
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Onboard team members that are set up for success.
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Deliver empowering reviews, helping optimize talent.
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Improve communications.
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Add greater capacity to leaders so they are freed up to focus on other priorities.

It's Time To Increase Your Capacity & Your Team's Performance

Hi, I'm Layla, creator of the "Get 'R Done" Toolbox and I'm here to remind you, you don't have to do it ALL on your own.  Not every business has the luxury of having an HR Director, that's why I created this 1-stop resource to make your job easier.  Not only do you get access to our proven course content – but you gain a personal advocate that is committed to helping you and your team thrive!

Building Excellence

“I highly recommend. Layla is committed to helping you achieve what you want.”

Owner, Elk Creek Forest Products

Building Excellence

“We needed to expand our team while creating systems and best practices for on-boarding. I was stressed and overwhelmed, seeking greater work-life balance. As owner-operator of our construction business, my husband was constantly on the road and in the field. Today, he travels less; our family is focused on our health; and I have learned simple organizational skills. Daily I operate from a greater place of peace even on overwhelming days.”

Owner, Direct Drilling

Building Excellence

“Having a supportive outsider's perspective has kept us from settling with what is "normal" and allows us to stretch for "being the best.”

Information Specialist, ECFP

Pricing Options

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per month (6mo-minimum)

Customized HR Library including Recruiting Ads, Job Postings, Interviewing Tactics

Hiring Forms, Job Descriptions, Offers, Onboarding Success Strategy

Cultivating Team, Retainment Tactics, Employee Reviews, Cross Training Tactics, Communication Best Practices, Feedback Surveys

Video Trainings on Best Practices & Coaching Tips to Lead Your Team

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per month (3mo-minimum)

Includes everything from the Apprentice Level Plus: 

Live 90-minute monthly group coaching call; come and receive personal support for your HR & team needs

Hands-on Q&A Session creating custom solutions and working through your HR challenges

Personal Email Support



per month

Includes everything from the Apprentice & Journeyman Levels Plus: 

Live 4-hour On-Site Custom Team Training

Leverage live expertise for Leadership Development or whole team training to boost skill set and cross-training

The Master Level can be used to outsource your HR needs and the Building Excellence Team will recruit on your behalf.


Learn All The Skills Required to Recruit, Hire & Retain Top Talent

The Get 'R Done Toolbox contains video trainings, coaching worksheets, resource pages and forms you can customize and share with your team.  It's a 1-stop HR shop to improve communications and team building.

Overcoming Labor Shortages

You will discover a series of steps you can take to improve employee engagement and take full ownership of your team growth process.  Reflection exercise to help craft a custom solution for your company.

Gaining Clarity & A New Narrative

Get super clear on your team needs and craft a job ad that will attract your Ideal Candidate to your company. Get introduced to the Building Excellence Recruiting Roadmap and discover unique ways to drive connection and clarity in the recruiting process. 

Recruiting Job Ads & Interviewing Process

Now that you're clear on the need and your message it's time to craft your job ad. In this module we will work through an ad template and give you full access to done-for-you job ads to help you craft a job posting that delivers. Plus experience how we approach the interviewing process for stronger more qualified hires that culturally fit your team.  Plus an interview checklist and a collection of powerful questions.

On-Boarding For Success

After finding a qualified candidate it's time to craft an offer they can't refuse and launch a powerful onboarding process.  Retention starts the day you make the hire. Along with the onboarding checklist, you will have access to a library of job descriptions and a 90-day growth plan that clarifies expectations and empowers new employees to hit the ground running with confidence.

Retaining Top Talent

With statistics showing only 30% of employees engaged in their work - it is vital for us as employers to find ways to increase staff participation.  In this training we look at a variety of ways to improve communications and drive connections.  The focus is on  increasing ownership mindsets and higher engagement of your team.

Engaging Your Team

Now that you are on your way to stronger connections, communication and delegation... let's dive deeper into engagement.  You will complete a SWOT analysis of your team and discover fresh options for skill building, knowledge transfers and intentional ways to diffuse conflict.

Performance Reviews & Growth Plans

Discover the unique tools and forms Building Excellence uses for performance reviews and growth plans.  These intentional connections can be mundane and simply serve a general function; or they can be leveraged for extraordinary growth and expanding the expertise and knowledge depth and top performance of your individual team members.  In this module you will gain access to our tool library as well as the opportunity to customize and develop a solution that will serve your team best.

Empowering Employees to Finish Well

Exit strategies are just as vital to a healthy team as the onboarding process. In this module we will explore healthy ways to finish well, and to terminate personnel positions in an empowering and honoring process.

Increasing Your Capacity

You've learned incredible ways to recruit, hire and retain your team members, now it's time to look to your personal leadership style, influence and opportunity.  In this module you will work through a series of coaching questions to add greater clarity to your strengths and unique leadership.  At the close of this module you will create your very own custom growth plan to empower you to build excellent!


For those registering before November 28th, 2022 -  you will receive:

The Feedback Challenge - a full 360 feedback review on your leadership and actions. 

A Complete Core Values Index Report & 1:1 Session Review - providing insights into your unique hardwiring and strengths


Just In Case You're Wondering

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